The Art of Fine Wine and The Fine Art of Service

THE WINE SCHOOL is seeking partners in marketing opportunities via Wine & Food Exploration Dinners and Wine & Cheese Seminars as marking tool for your restaurant or hotel, or as business perks & employee rewards.

TRAIN-THE-TRAINER PROGRAM tailored to the needs and theme of each individual operation; your managers will develop the confidence, teaching skills, business tools, and social esteem to the enhancement of your staff and enrichment of the guests experience. 

SOCIAL SKILL ยท WINE TASTINGS DINNERS AND SEMINARS: wine & cheese tastings, enabling a cross-section of working adults and culinarians-novice to- professional to choose events suitable to their schedule.

BUSINESS TOOL:  financiers, attorneys, food & wine writers, sales, marketing, catering directors, banquet managers, sommeliers, beverage managers, wine captains and merchants find THE WINE SCHOOL SEMINARS a great venue for cultural and entertainment skills development as a business tool.

PRIMARY PROFIT CENTER:  Our worksheets Increase Beverage Sales by 20% to 40% without price increases and reduce Cost-of-Sales by finding product of value superior to costs.

EDUCATION & TRAINING that pays for itself via costs-of-sales savings and increased sales due to greater product knowledge and suggestive sales.

INVESTORS & PROSPECTIVE RESTAURANTEURS: For concept and recipe development, partnership opportunities and a brigade of chefs, managers, consultants and service staff or telephone 917-474-6871.