The Art of Fine Wine and The Fine Art of Service


Harold Toussaint

Thankfully, there was the kind of wine steward I admire, the person who can describe the virtues of wines you might like to order, and had the palate and imagination to make the wine suggestion that leads to an exciting meal. Rather than intimidating, this type (of steward) makes you feel at ease. Harvey Steinman, Editor, The Wine Spectator, writing about Toussaint's winning the Bay Area Sommelier Competition.

This is a man who will gently guide the customer through the wine list.He'll ascertain the customer's taste and pocketbook, and help the customer choose the best value for the price.And he'll never harangue or embarrass a customer. Chris Oppenheimer, San Jose Mercury News

Upon seeing Toussaint perform in Amelio's, I finally realized what he was teaching in his classes. Paula Hamilton, Food and Wine Editor, Oakland Tribune

To my surprise, Mr. Le Chene (sommelier competition judge) rejected most of the candidates as being too 'pompous.'  Our panel was finally unanimous in giving first place to Harold Toussaint, a soft spoken native of New Orleans, because he not only knew wines, but obviously loved them.  Ruth Reichl, New West Magazine, writing about the Best Sommelier of San Francisco Region competition

Toussaint is our Master Instructor. He not only teaches you how, but why. He teaches, you learn. Tom Flynn, San Francisco Hotel-Restaurant Education Fund

Toussaint training program has made a marked improvement upon our service.   Ernie Friez, General Manager, Metropolitan Club, San Francisco

PLAZA III’s wine steward, Harold Toussaint’s suggestions elevate the food to another level of style and gusto.  Peter Ash, WHERE BOSTON

I find him to be an example of professionalism because of his knowledge of fine wines and foods. Also his sense of diplomacy assures him the respect of the most demanding clientele.  Jacky Robert, Maitre Cuisinier de France

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