The Art of Fine Wine and The Fine Art of Service

Pommery, Brut Royal, NV

Appearance: green (2) yellow (1) hues

Nose: green apples and high-toned herbs (thyme/marjoram) Chardonnay (2) Pinot Noir (1)

Mouth: austere structure, crisp, clean; Finish: medium length; Foods: caviar, shrimp. 


Deutz, Blanc de Blancs, 1993

Appearance: yellow, green; frothy mousse, well structured; textbook Champagne "necklace"

Nose: quince (pear-apple), chalky, very lively, bright tones

Mouth: citrus (lemon) and vanilla; elegance and structure: what Chardonnay's supposed to be

Finish: medium; as it rises to room temp: 3 lemon/1 lime, evolving into anise and slight toast

Foods: scallops, oysters.

Veuve Clicquot "Gold Label," 1993

Appearance: golden hues, high foam and body; Nose: red fruits (pinot noir) and exotic spices

Mouth: fairly high acidity = structure (chardonnay) mitigated by muscular, dynamic fruit-spice

Finish: not as steely and '90 vintage but more expressive of Bouzy fruit:

Indian spices and red fruits (strawberries & raspberries)

Foods: salmon--even filet mignon.

Laurent-Perrier, Rose, NV

Appearance: deeply colored, topaz;

Nose: strawberry (1)-tomato (1) hues

Mouth: dry, crisp = excellent for red meat entrees

Finish:  not a lot of length but excellent grip, austere

Foods: best as a main course Champagne, rather than aperitif; perfect for heartier dishes.


Bruno Paillard Rose, NV 

Appearance: between rose pink and partridge eye; Nose: strawberry (2) tomato (1) hues

Mouth: adolescent, full bodied/masculine; trace ketone hardness, which softens later

Finish: backward at first; next day: very expressive, silky and supple

Foods: lamb, duck and game birds.

Pommery "Cuvee Louise," 1990

Appearance: more towards gold (2), yellow (1), green (1) [hues]

Nose:  like a mature White Burgundy, RD style

Mouth: rich, more delicate mouthfeel, finely structured, slight toast flavor

Finish:  slightly dry, like a mature White Burgundy

Foods: grilled fish, chicken, sweetbreads, boudin blanc.

Krug: Grand Cuvee," NV

My notes are from memory alone (a month after the fact) However; truly a memorable wine!

Green herb notes in the nose, unexpectedly.  It must have been attributed to the pinot meunier. Golden color; mousse exceptionally long.  What impressed me most is that two hours after the tasting ended, while reflecting on the evening, I tasted the leftover Krug (one or two glasses remaining in the bottle) and it was twice as good at room temperature! This proved a point, I'd made earlier in the seminar "The finer the Champagne, the less you need to chill it." (This applies to white Burgundy as well); as chilling can also hide some faults, due to muting the acids; however, there was nothing to hide.  Krug took on a creamier texture and totally harmonious fruit/acid/barrel character.